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Pleasant Valley Farm
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Paul & Sandy Arnold
Pleasant Valley Farm
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Phone: 1-518-638-6501

Pleasant Valley Farm
Pleasant Valley Farm
Big Thanksgiving spreads at the @saratogafarmersmarket and @gffarmersmarket today!! Stock up!
Pleasant Valley Farm
Pleasant Valley Farm
We are finally digging the potatoes today, some of which still are not completely dead after 20 degrees!
If anyone has an hour to help on this beautiful afternoon, come on out!! We will work till sunset again!
Pleasant Valley Farm
Pleasant Valley Farm
After a very cold night of 19 degrees, the frost was beautiful and now the sun is melting it off the crops. The high tunnels had the backup heaters running part of the night so the greens are fine! The markets were cold this morning and we thank all of those who came out... we sold out of the trucks part of the time! Next week both markets move inside and after long days of harvesting and protecting crops this week, we should continue to have a lot to offer at markets and for our online store/delivery. 😊
Happy Halloween to all and enjoy the extra hour of sleep tonight!! 🎃❄️🕰
Pleasant Valley Farm
Pleasant Valley Farm

MONSTER cauliflower! $12! Any takers?

Due to extreme cold and COVID-19 restrictions, we will be selling out our heated trucks at the Glens Falls and Saratoga markets this Saturday October 31st. Next week we will move inside hopefully at both markets.

What this means:

1. We will have a full supply of the staple vegetables and greens in the trucks, many pre-packed in grab and go style and we will take your order outside the truck and then pull it inside and hand out to you. How we do this exactly will be worked out at the market.

2. We are encouraging Pre-Orders through our online store if you get them in by 10AM FRIDAY OCTOBER 30TH! Link to store:

GLENS FALLS: you can order anything from our online store and pickup is at 50 Elm Street across from market parking lot

SARATOGA: you can ONLY order products that come from our farm (the name won't have any other vendor listed) and pickup will be at our truck. If unsure just ask or add the item and we will double check (just don't pay during checkout!).

PLEASE pre-pay for your orders through our store to help pickup process go quicker if you can. The pay later option is fine too, and allows us to make any changes without complicating the finances! You can login later and pay and we may send invoices direct as well that you can pay credit through. Of course all food programs accepted as payment at pickup like usual.

We are working to update the store with what we have available so best to check again or wait to place orders till early morning Friday!
Pleasant Valley Farm
Pleasant Valley Farm
Support something awesome and local at the 5th Annual Adirondack Film Festival this week!
This is an awesome event all designed for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home for anyone interested in the some of the best independant and short films in the world!

They have been super helpful to our farm in providing a convenient pickup location at their office in Glens Falls this summer, so please go support them if you can this week!
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Pleasant Valley Farm
Pleasant Valley Farm
Cauliflower! Spinach! Fall is most certainly here and the bounty along with it!
Cauliflower and other seasonal fall crops won’t last long! Visit us at the Glens Falls Farmers’ Market and Saratoga Farmers' Market Saturday to grab some along with TONS of other fresh produce!

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